Setting up your digital sign

Learn how to quickly setup and configure a digital sign to allow customers to quickly on board and check in at your businesses location.

Currently supported devices include:

The first step in setting up your digital sign is to create an account. From the manager navigate to Administrators and add an App Administrator by simply entering in a name, email and password. The name should describe where the sign will be displayed and the email is simply used for login purposes and can be a made up address.

Now that you have an account setup. You can install the AppJel Checkin app on your tablet. Open the Appstore and search for AppJel to find the AppJel Checkin App. Tap Download to install and then Open to open the App. Sign in using the App admin account you just created. You can find your Client ID in the manager in the Profile screen and scrolling to the Digital Sign Settings at the bottom.

After entering in the Client ID tap Sign in. You’ll see a check in code being generated and your feed starting to populate.

The Check in App is designed to be touchless and tapping on any part of the screen will be ignored. To exit the Check In App tap the square in the navigation bar at the bottom. To quit the App simply swipe up.

You can configure the text displayed on the sign from the Manager by navigating to Profile and scrolling down to Digital Sign Settings. Each field corresponds to a block of text within the App. Once saved, the sign will auto update during the next cycle.

Your digital sign is now setup ready to be deployed at your location.