Creating posts

Learn how to quickly create different types of posts to populate your Apps feed with engaging content for your customers.

Your App offers customers an immersive feed of deals, current events, loyalty offerings, images, video and more in a clean and easily consumed interface.

Posts on your feed can be scheduled in advanced and expire at a set date if desired. By presenting relevant and timely information, customers will engage more frequently with your business converting them into loyal and long term patrons.

Let’s see just how easy and quickly you can create attractive posts in minutes from the AppJel Manager.

From the Dashboard click Add Post to go to the post builder. As you enter in information about your post the Preview will show you live what your post will look like in the App feed. Posts can be as simple as just text or as rich as a videos and images.

Let’s create 3 different posts. A simple announcement, an image based post announcing a new location and a video post from YouTube.

Our announcement will inform customers that the store will be closing early due to the weather. Enter in your message in the message field to start seeing what your post will look like. It’s a start but a bit plain. Let’s add in an icon to spruce it up a bit. That’s better but let’s go further by changing the color as well as the icon color. That’s looking good now. Let’s set it to expire at the end of business hours and click Save. Back in your App simply pull down to refresh and our announcement is immediately available at the top of our feed.

Next we’ll post an announcement about the grand opening of our new location. In the post builder select an image to start off. Add a short title and a message to let customers know we’re now open. Let’s add in an icon and a badge to make our post stand out a bit and we’re done. Back in the App customers can see that we’re now open for business.

Finally let’s take advantage of some great video content by posting a video directly on the feed. With our YouTube integration it’s as easy as pasting in a link. Grab the URL of the video you’d like to share and paste it into the YouTube Video field on a new post in the manager. A thumbnail will automatically populate in the preview and you’re ready fill in any other fields you like or simply post it as is.

We’ll add some color and select an icon to make it pop and we’re done.

Back in our App our video is available to be played directly from the feed.